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Why Choose FMC Repair?

Honesty and Integrity:

There is no place in our business for deception or dishonesty in anything that we do. All our transactions, information, and recommendations will be honest and accurate, all the time, every time.  If we ever determine something we said or information we shared was not accurate, we will immediately contact the other party and correct ourselves.

Meeting Commitments:

We will always make commitments and promises with the intent to keep them.  When circumstances arise that we cannot keep a commitment or promise, we will immediately communicate that with the other party and work out a mutually acceptable solution.

No Gimmicks:

We believe our success is entirely based on the total satisfaction and repeat business of our customers. Our reputation means everything to us. We will never play games or introduce gimmicks in order to confuse or trick customers. We will always be upfront and honest with our customer’s best interests in mind.

Dignity and Respect:

It starts with how we trust and treat each other as fellow team members of Fmc Truck Auto & Marine Repair and continues with our commitment to treat each and every individual who visits our business with dignity, respect, and integrity.


All of us at FMC Truck, Auto & Marine Repair are professionals who deeply care about each other and the success of our business and customers.

Continuous Improvement:

We are on an endless journey to be the very best we can be in delivering high quality service to our customers. As good as we may be, we can always be better!

Quality Auto Repairs & Service Guaranteed